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Registered & Unregistered Use

Released on Aug 23, 2004 (7711 views)

Article enlighting the differences between running the application with or without a registration code, and describing the registration process.

Unregistered use (demo mode)

The VDDSAIA application can be used immediately after downloading and installing for an unlimited period of time. The unregistered use have two limitations: a) on starting up the application shows a dialog box pointing out that the application is missing the registration code, b) the sum of usable data points is limited to 15.

Registered use

If you want to use the VDDSAIA application without any limitations, you have to use this on-line registration form to apply for a registration code. The registration code contains, in a ciphered form, the following data: name of the authorized user (company name and user name), date to which the registration code is valid (expiration period) and the limit number of usable data point. After entering the registration code the application is run as registered. (The currently generated registration codes guarantee 1 million data points and the expiration period of 100 years.)

How to enter the registration code

  1. Launch an instance of the VDDSAIA application
  2. Click on the Licence item in the Registration menu
  3. The window "Enter registration code" opens
  4. Copy the delivered registation code to the edit box (e.g. by means of Ctrl+V and Ctrl+C)
  5. Press the "OK" button

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2011-01-04: New version released
New version of VDDSAIA was released. The installation files can be downloaded from the download section as usual.

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