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Configuring The Application

Released on Aug 21, 2004 (5652 views)

Article describing configuration and settings of various parameters of the application.

Parameter Settings

Communication and Updates

  • First read limit - the maximum interval during which the application should wait for the delivery of the first value after a data point is created [ms]
  • Data invalidity limit - not used in this version of VDDSAIA
  • Update period - the interval at which an update batch is executed [ms]
  • Connection maintenance interval - the interval at which the status of all active connections is tested and, if a problem is detected (connection error, communication failure), re-connection is attempted [sec]
  • Number of failures - the number of data point value read/write attempts terminated with an error in a given connection that results in declaring this connection erroneous


  • Max. distance of points in block - the maximum number of successive inactive data points in a block
  • Max. size of update batch - the maximum number of blocks in one update batch
  • The same priority in a block required - specifies whether data points added to a block are required to have the same priority, i.e. to be from the same topic


  • Max. number of connections - the maximum number of connections that can be defined by the user
  • Max. number of topics - the maximum number of topics that can be defined by the user


  • Max. length of message queue - the maximum length of the message queue (the number of messages waiting for asynchronous writing)
  • Max. number of simultaneously cleared entries - the maximum number of entries in the queue that may be cleared from the queue at the same time after a successful write
  • Max. clearing time - the maximum duration of clearing the queue from entries that have been written [sec]
  • Status listing interval - the interval for logging the status of the logger itself [sec]
  • Logging in window from level - the lowest level of message seriousness required to display the message in the main window
  • Logging to file from level - the lowest level of message seriousness required to record the message in the log file
  • Log file name prefix - the first part of the log file name; the second part is the current date and the extension is log
  • Path to log file - the path to where log files should be stored


  • Language definition file - the name of the language definition file (including the path); this file contains translated texts used in the application

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2011-01-04: New version released
New version of VDDSAIA was released. The installation files can be downloaded from the download section as usual.

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