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Ancestors of VDDSAIA

Released on Sep 01, 2004 (5659 views)

The VDDSAIA application is not the first communication driver for the programmable logic controllers of SAIA-Burgess, developed by the ESCAD Company. Virtually its history began 10 years ago ...

The ESCAD Company has successfully used the programmable logic controllers (PLCs) of the SAIA-Burgess Company for many years. Soon the need arose, to develop an own communication driver to interchange data between those PLCs and PCs on which the control applications are typically run.

In 1994 the first version of D32SAIA was presented, followed by subsequent versions up to the version 3.4, that was released in 2001. D32SAIA enabled communication with PLCs over the serial lines RS-232 or RS-485, and with PC applications over the protocols DDE/NetDDE. However, after years, the D32SAIA application could not keep pace with the IT progress, rising computer performace and rising demands on communication throughput.

In 2003 it was decided to develop an absolutely new application with the following requirements: enable the communication with PLCs over the Ethernet network, enable the communication with PC applications over the SuiteLink protocol, base the development on proved tools and libraries, save the easiness of use and enhance the configurability. At the same time, the new application will not require significant changes in existing solutions when replacing the D32SAIA. The result of these requirements is the new communication driver with the new name - VDDSAIA.

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2011-01-04: New version released
New version of VDDSAIA was released. The installation files can be downloaded from the download section as usual.

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